Column's stack oddly in landscape mobile

Hi All,

Almost done on our first site using webflow and it is great.

One small thing is that the column blocks stack badly in the “Leadership” section when the collapsable “more” button has been clicked and it’s associated text revealed. I’m sure it’s a “position” issue but being new to this, I thought I’d reach out.

Marloe pushes the other blocks down which is correct but Warren does not. Gareth pops up adjacent which shouldn’t happen. Images below…

Thanks in advance!

Please share the public link for the site in order to get help.

I got it to work by nesting the columns within another set of columns so that they clear properly.

So I created 2 columns and then nested 2 columns in each single column. Then when you go down to tablet view you just set the top 2 columns to a single column in the responsive settings. Giving you two rows of 2 columns at tablet view which clear properly.

@mention79, thanks for this!

I implemented and it worked but lot’s of the spacing took a knock. The margin on each photo within the sub columns had no effect when adjusted.

Is there a way to change the clearing in columns manually?

Not that I know of in webflow. Would probably need access to the code which you can’t do in webflow.

Another option might be to build the profiles of the people in an unordered list instead in the same way that webflow works in it’s CMS. As that should give you more control in theory. So might be worth a quick try.

Alternatively, wrap your content inside each column in a div, and adjust it’s padding.

Tried lists and styling them seems beyond me.

The Column > Sub column > Div > Content thing doesn’t clear at all.

I got it working nicely in the read only version as a list. Takes a bit of work, but with floats and a few adjustments on the media queries and end columns it’s possible.

This is great! Thank you!

Is it possible for me to view your work so I can implement?

Unfortunately webflow only lets you work in a read only view on other people’s shared links. So here’s some screen shots of the structure and at different sizes.

I gave the list items a class, and then the second and fourth items both got an additional class each for the adjustments in the media queries necessary.

The columns need to add up to 100%, so first decide on the gutter width, which I did at 2%, and then minus the gutters from 100%. So that leaves you 94% as there’s 3 gutters. Then divide 94% by 4 columns = 23.5%

I also Floated it left and set position to Relative and added 5% margin at the top

On the last column with the sub class I adjusted the gutter back to zero.

In tablet view you have to adjust the widths again. So as there’s 2 columns there’s only one gutter. So 100% - 2% = 98% divided by @ cols = 49% each column.

Adjust the second col sub class to change it’s margin to zero, as it’s now at the right edge and select Clear Right

Then at mobile landscape view you’ll probably want to go to a single column layout. So change the width of the main list item to 90% and give it 5% margin left and right and more at the top as well.

It’s not ideal, but hopefully that should work better for you.

OK, lists implemented and are working perfectly. Great work around.

One small thing- mobile landscape not working properly. Tablet landscape is though. Settings are the same (at least to my beginner eye).

In mobile landscape view on the Gareth list item click clear left

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