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Columns split on wide screen

Hi lovely, helpful people.

I’m running into a strange problem on my website design. At the top of my page I have 2 columns side by side. The left hand column contains circular images and the right hand column contains text, but when I preview the page the right hand column slips down below the first column.

I thought this might be because I had inadvertently put in a setting that made the columns too wide to fit side-by-side, but the very strange thing is that when I pull in my screen to make it narrower, the second column jumps back up next to the first column, where it should be.

What could be causing this? Is it perhaps just a bug in the system that should right itself once it’s live?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Michelle

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Hey Michelle,

Try setting the clear property to “both” on the row containing the column.

You’re a genius!! Thank you so much, it’s not something I would have thought of - being new to this. I really appreciate your help : )

whoohooo! Anytime. Glad I can help. Also, if you can; it might be easier to position columns like that with flexbox. To where you wont have to worry about elements breaking out of their containers much.

Thanks! I have no idea about Flexbox. I’ll try to get my site live this week - as I’m in a bit of a rush. Then I’ll sit down and check out that tutorial. There are probably lots of things on my site that could have been done in a better and easier way.

No problem! That is understandable when it comes to the rush; it is all a process. Definitely could be helpful for future projects!

Also, as you’re obviously on the ball, maybe you can help me with something else. I’ve noticed that in my portfolio, the active tab will scroll through the images nicely, but the other tabs don’t scroll automatically, I have to click through them, and then at other times they do work. Is it something to do with my transition timing?

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