Columns – Responsive Layout

Hey there!

I’m currently working on my portfolio and I have a question regarding columns and responsive design.

Currently the column layout stays one row and so the text “Confessions of a Dark Mind” gets into trouble with the dimensions due to its length.

I thought I can adjust some “checkpoints” with responsive design, but I think it doesn’t work the way I want. I want as soon as the mobile dimension is reached the column to be 2 rowed so the texts don’t stack on top of each other.

So I want it to be like that:

01 100 x 500 mm
Confessions of a Dark Mind. Editorial

2 rows so the long name doesn’t gets into a conflict with the other texts.

Is there a possibility to solve this?

Thanks very much in advance!

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OK, so make the column_project_descr Vertical on mobile. You might want to change things a bit so that they look how you want.

Thanks for the answer. That should work. Sorry for that basic question but I’m new here; how do I shift the columns so they can be next to each other? I tried setting the rows / columns to 50% or below so they don’t push each other away but that didn’t work. I was trying 30 mins now but cannot find a solution. Thanks!