Color overlay on hover

Hi everyone,

So I want to have a color change on my items on hover, but I don’t exactly know how should I go about it. I would like each of the images to have a darker red overlay when you hover over them, but just this image not the text on top. Is that possible?

Oh and the items I am talking about are the collection items in the grid. Six categories for the artist’s work.

Here is my read only link: Webflow - PPAirbrush

Thank you guys!

Hey @Eszter_Golubics

We recorded a short Loom to explain how you can go about doing this. Let us know if anything is unclear.

Flow Ninja Team!

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Thank you Marko!

Tried almost the same thing with a new div and the absolute positioning but left out the part where you set that it should only affect the children elements. Thank you for the video, made everything clear!

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