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Collection list Interaction won't open collection list modal, but opens other modals...?

I’m trying to set up an interaction within a collection list in which, on first click there is a flyover and a button appears. I want the button to open a modal with more information pertaining to that collection list. When I click on it, it just carries out what is supposed to be the 2nd Click interaction for the element that was the initial trigger for the button appearing.

However, if I change the interaction on the button that appears to open a modal unrelated to the collection list it works. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks for y’all’s help!

Here are some screen shots of what’s happening:

Button interaction connected to Collection list modal:

Button interaction connected to unrelated modal:

How this interaction is sequence is supposed to work based on using hover in Desktop view:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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