Collection Container - Adjust Height of Items

I’ve been struggling with controlling the height of my CMS collection. For example I’d like to make my blog posts as even as possible. This goes with aligning the authors name, and for all the posts to be aligned nicely in order.

I’m not sure how to best go about this. I do want the blogs to be aligned in rows of 3

Here is my public share link:

Likewise - I tried following this tutorial:

When I set this as a grid view, it just automatically puts everything into one cell and I’m unsure why this is happening

There are a few approaches to this, but the approach I prefer is to set a fixed height on the brief text portion, and set the CSS to allow ellipses. This way whether the text is too short, or too long, the authors still align. If it’s too long, the text truncates with ellipses…

I have small CSS snippet in the WFU library for this purpose, you can embed in your project easily. Docs are here-

Thank you I’ll give this a shot!