Collect Credit Card Information for Processing Later


I am developing a membership application for a gym/wellness club opening in a few months. I’ve built the site and a simple application form to collect info on the applicant applying for club membership (name, contact, membership options, etc).

My client would also like to collect the applicant’s preferred membership tier/option and credit card information for processing if approved when the club opens.

So my question is - what is the best way to collect payment information without charging at the time of submission? (the club owner would first review the application and ONLY process the payment if the applicant is the right fit / when the gym opens for business). I am guessing this might be achievable with a Stripe integration that dumps the payment data into customer table within Stripe, but I wanted to ask if anyone has built anything similar or knows of a simpler/better way?

Ideally, I would like to keep all the data consolidated (general application questions and payment information), but I understand that may not be doable within 1 form and where the CC data needs to be stored.

Open to any suggestions. Appreciate the support!


Hi @gbeck,

Welcome to the forum! It’s possible that someone else has a better answer but I believe with you could set up a checkout and effectively treat the transaction as a preorder, they will be charged a small amount ($0 or $1) for authorization and they can be charged at a later date or you can choose not to charge them if their application isn’t approved.

Some more details here: Preorders & Backorders: Accepting Orders Without Payment |

Hope this helps!


@mww Thanks for the mention.

@gbeck With our seamless Webflow integration, there are a couple of ways to handle this. Do a pre-auth (like Milan mentioned) or do a subscription with a future start/payment date, with the ability to modify as needed.

Full details about our Webflow integration can be found here: Also, we have an embeddable customer portal where customers can login, manage subscriptions, view charge history, and more.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


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Thank you for the quick responses! I will take a look into this and see if this is a feasible option for my project.


Hi @gbeck I’m excited for your upcoming launch :partying_face: and wanted to add that you can also implement this use case using Memberstack’s custom free trial period.

It’s super easy to set the first billing date as a number of x days after sign up, and modify that as needed to coincide with your launch date. So if a member isn’t approved by the launch date you can cancel their membership before they get charged.

There’s this guide with step by step details of how to set it up once you’ve got Memberstack integrated, but the UI is so straightforward you’d likely not need a guide.

And with our upcoming 2.0 release you get access to features like multiple plans per member, which is super useful for add on offerings like swimming or dance fitness classes.

Expanding on Greg’s original requirements, I have a tour company client who needs something similar- however they need to be able to bill the client’s credit card intermittently after the tour booking.

For example, if a client booked a $4,000 tour, it might be billed on separate dates as…
$800 - 20% up front
$2000 - 50% 2 weeks prior at accom is committed
$1200 - 1 day prior as final payment
$800 - miscellaneous extras they wanted during the tour

Obviously we don’t want to capture or store the card on our own systems, for PCI compliance. What are the options here?

In the past I’ve built systems against services like Bluepay, which captured the client card info and then generated a token. If you are authorized as the merchant, and have the generated client-token, you can issue charges against the card. Worked great for this kind of scenario.

However with Webflow, I have very limited options, no back end programming, etc. Ideally I’d just plug in something like Stripe. It would collect CC details, client’s name, and put them in the merchant’s Stripe account for later use. Stripe would send receipts, etc. as needed.

This case is a bit unique since there is no recurring membership fee for the client? Just ad-hoc billing as they request things.

Hi @memetican.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration, subscription functionality, and super password feature:

Manage tours 100% with Webflow CMS. Specify the different prices (ie: full, partial, downpayment, etc.) charge dates, etc:

Automated Future Charges
With our subscription functionality, you can charge the customer specific amounts on specific dates (or relative timeframes) all managed with CMS data.

Super Password
With our super password feature (v:2.0:unified_order_entry [Foxy Wiki]) you can login as the customer to charge them one-off charges as needed.

Customer Portal
Allow customers to login, view tour purchases, update billing, manage future payments, and more… all inside of Webflow.

Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hi Josh, there isn’t a subscription payment in tours- the charges are ad-hoc and unpredictable. Does Foxy have a way for the merchant to log in and capture payments after that initial transaction?

Also, most systems appear to want to do an initial transaction to capture the CC details. Ideally, we’d want to capture the CC details at the point of tour booking, with no transaction performed yet.

Hi @memetican.
Understood. The subscription functionality can be used to get a card on file and charge at a later date (or not charge at all). Once card info is securely saved, you can use the super password to run one-off charges.

You could even set up a password protected POS page in Webflow where different options are listed for your merchant to build out charges/orders.

Also, we support verify only for some gateways (ie: do a quick $1 attempt to ensure the card is good).