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Codepen to Webflow

Hi does anyone know how I can add this codepen to my webflow site?


For the specific codepen you referenced:

  1. In Designer, add an ‘Embed’ block to the page body.

  2. In the embed block, paste:
    <style> [THE CSS CODE] </style>

  3. Then in the same embed block, paste your [THE HTML CODE] after the </style>

  4. Lastly, go to the page’ custom code section “Before </body> tag”, and paste the javascript code: <script> [THE JS CODE] </script>

Note: Webflow does not support use of so this is why you need to use the ‘Embed’ block.


Perfect! Thanks for your help!

Hi, I am trying to implemet this:
using the method on this thread. However It is not working. Can anyone help me on this?