CMS's green color background


I normally have a CMS’s green color background linked to my project, but it doesn’t appear when I’m scrolling on Safari. This issue is not present in Google Chrome. Does anyone have a clue about this?

Thank you in advance,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Prism
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Hi @mxsime it works for me on Safari 15.6.1 and also 17.0 :person_shrugging:

Hi @Stan , thank you for your time checking it ! the green color reloads when I’m scrolling up and down in section project number two. However, as soon as I scroll to the article section and try to scroll back to the green color section, it doesn’t appear. Maybe it could be linked to that section, but I’m not sure…

hi @mxsime that’s correct. When animation on section (that has only one stage of hide/show) is deleted green BG opacity works as expected.