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CMS powered blog with dynamic positioned blogs

Hi everyone,

I’m building a website with a blog (blog index page and blog post pages). The blog will be CMS powered. My client wants each blog post in the blog index page to be laid out vertically, but every new blog post will sit to the left of the page or to the right of the page - I need it to be automatic.

For example, when the client posts the first blog, it will populate to the top left of the blog index page. Then, when they post the second blog, it will populate below the first blog, but on the right side of the page. Then, third post would be on the left, 4th would be on the right, etc in that pattern.

Any ideas of how to do this without the client having to go into the Designer and move the blog post container to the right or left side of (let’s say) a grid?

Thanks in advance!

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Please add a sketch screenshot (very hard to understand like this your layout).

Sure! blog-layout-example

One way to do this is to use the sorting feature.
How your collection page is laid out is irrelevant as long as all blogs are from the same collection.

My issue is that I want the blogs to populate in the pattern of the image above automatically.

Yes, just make adjustments to the position of each blog post to make an alternating appearance.