CMS Populated Form Select Field dropdown

Is there a method to create a form with two Select Fields, connected to the same CMS-item. I will try to explain:

One From Block with two Select Fields.

CMS Collection (art-products):

  • Art-products name: ABC
  • Multi Reference Field: Three sizes are selected from CMS collection ‘variants’.

CMS Collection (variants):

  • Variant 62 W x 80 H cm (24,0 W x 31,4 H in)
  • Variant 77 W x 100 H cm (29,9 W x 39,3 H in)
  • Variant 107 W x 140 H cm (42.1 W x 55.1 H in)

What I want to do:
In a Form Block, the user:

  • Selects art-product ABC in the first Select Field.
  • The second Select Field displays the correct variants from for ABC.

I’ve tried to use Finsweets CMS-Select method, which works fine and connects the first Field Select dropdown to art-products CMS, but I have no idea how to connect two field making them “dynamic”.

Thank you.

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Hi Andreas, you can do this using custom code. There are a lot of different approach here which depends on what exactly your expectations are on item counts, variant counts and the total number of item-variants over all.

Here’s a walkthrough;

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Thank you very much; I’m grateful you took the time to do the screen recording for me. After watching it, I need to step back and simplify things. To me, it seems to be too much work for what I gain out of having this function.

Is it possible to hire you in the future if I would need coding for my Webflow-site?
Again, thank you for your generosity.

Hi Andreas,

That’s a great idea; the most obvious way to build this more simply is to separate the selection of the artwork from the selection of the variant. The artwork page can show thumbs and be filtered to show the range of art, and then when one is selected, the Collection Page itself is used for the enquiry. There it’s easy to show the variants, and you don’t have the 5-item limitation.

Absolutely. I really enjoy this type of work.