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CMS opening extra field underneath

Hey guys! I’m trying to recreate this effect on mobile. This needs to be compatabible with a cms. Is this possible?

If you click the collection item, the two underlying collection items should be pushed down and the information should fill 200% of the collection item.

Problems im having is that if I put it at 200%, it has overflow. Other problem, I cant push the collections items down …

Forever greatful for suggestions, kinda stuck here :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Bylie


Could you be more specific on what you’re trying to achieve? I’d had a look at the link but it looks like you might have changed the design, or are working on it.

Are you wanting to click a card and it expand to cover 100% of the page?

As for your question on CMS, you should be able to add any CMS data to a card - so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi George

Still working on the design indeed. Right now I’m working with a dropdown. But would like to have 2 flavors next to each other on mobile. If you click one, the dropdown needs to be 100% VW, but if I do that, it has overflow on the right (from the right flavor).

Ideally, the two underlying flavors should be pushed down to make place for the dropdown.

If this is not possible in Webflow, we will put all flavors underneath each other :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time!