CMS "Next" button always links to Home

Hello all, facing an urgent situation on a live website.

When paginating a CMS collection list and clicking on the “next” button I am always, always directed to the Homepage.

  • I got rid of custom code for that specific page.
  • I already tried Finsweet’s custom load, issue persists 100%.
  • CMS is currently having over 100 elements, but I intend to showcase 16 items per pagination
  • This issue started a week ago or so, I even ditched Cookies pop-up to see if that was the interference.

Preview Link here

Live CMS page Link here
You can see how “Page 2” shows itself as the Homepage?? pages 3,4,5,6, etc, all end up going to the same place.

Please understand I am not a programmer, I appreciate if any useful code is given with location instructions (sorry)

I took a quick look and didn’t see an obvious cause.
The only weird thing was that you have both pagination and limit set. Typically you’d use one or the other, here only pagination.

You might try removing that limit, republish, and retest.

If you’re not running any site-wide scripts that would affect this list, I’d contact support.

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Hi @memetican

Yes, this still happens with or without limiting number of items, hopefully I can find an soon answer to this… client is not amazed.

@webdev sorry to tag you here Jeff, do you think I should raise a support ticket?
Many thanks

To everyone experiencing this issue, please delete all from the “href” field in Custom Code tab in your project’s settings…

I had previously filled it in, as I experienced some in-page issues. This change solved it!!!