CMS limitations creates business problems

Hi, there.

I’m working for a Casino Affiliate business to create their website and at the last procent (99%) we got hit by a limitation that might get us into considering leaving Webflow.

I want to nest more than one CMS within a CMS outside of the template page of the CMS, this is to can display different categories of images (example: game providers, payment methods, etc.).

I found out I’m limited (in a senseless way) do not be able to do that. At first I was happy because I thought I can change it with “Multi images field” and display it wiith “Lightbox” but I found out that is limited to the template page and can’t be used outside, which, again, is getting down our business.

After all, this is not a problem which needs me to share the project link. Is a problem that have to be fixed because is paid a subscription and the limitation is very senseless.

I hope to receive a response and something to be fixed, lots of money and time have been spent. And through that, I guess Webflow doesn’t like to lose customers on the fact that “Wordpress have better functions”.

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Being intimately familiar with both platform’s features and limitations, I can quickly rule Webflow in or out for a specific project when there is a defined functional spec.

A scenario that comes up is needs change and requirements do as well. If that is a strong possibility for a build, I will stick with WP since there are no practical limitations, and you can implement code to do whatever. Webflow has its place. For me, that is defined as a small marketing site.

Finsweet has been building entire libraries and even apps to work around the limitations of Webflow. So look into what you can do with “attributes” and Wized. You might come up with a workaround. I have use HTMX to pull off some crazy requirements, so something to look at.

If you need to move, I offer all the skills to make that happen and have plenty of practical experience.