CMS items accidentally nest within others


I ran into a strange error: Usually, with CMS items, they get structured like so:

** List**
** - Item 1**
** - Item 2**
** - …**
** - Item n**

However, in my current page design, the Designer somehow seems to nest one CMS item within another. While in the Designer, everything looks perfect both, in the navigator and visually, on a webbrowser, the design gets totally messed up and the structure is like so:

** List**
** - Item 1**
** ---- Content Item 1**
** ---- Item 2**
** -------- Content Item 1**
** -------- Item n**

Did anyone encounter a similar issue? Any help would be highly appreciated!

How the source code looks like. Note the nested structure:

In the designer everything looks fine:

On the browser, the structure is off, given the nesting issue:

I’d almost certain expect a script malfunction,
but you’d have to share your readonly site and published site links for us to help you diagnose your issue.