CMS Item Modal Only Opens the First Time


We built a website for a client and added modals to show additional information for people in the team. The interaction was made as follows:

  1. CMS Item contains a trigger and a modal on the same level (siblings)
  2. The trigger (Div) triggers the modal, it shows as a flexbox and then the content of the modal is displayed by changing its position and opacity
  3. The close button is inside the modal and when clicked, it reverts all elements to its initial state (only parent elements)

Everything seems to work fine on the first click, but when trying to open the modal for a second time on the same CMS item, only the first interaction is executed and the second one (opacity, does not work). Any ideas on how to fix this?

Here’s the read only link:

The two events have the same animation affected

Ok, so, on such an IX you should not use “On second click”. Define only IX with the first click: one on the thumbnail, one on the close button. No second click.

Thanks, Vincent. We’ve tried both ways, with just one click and with two clicks and the result is always the same. Take a look, I removed the second link (both on the trigger to open the modal and on the close button) and it’s the same.

Changed the trigger to the CMS item insteado of a DIV inside it and it now works.