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CMS images renaming SEO issue?


After reading this post on Webflow blog I little doubt popped my mind.

Reading from the article… “Another key tip with images is to use proper file names. Don’t have the file name of your images be a random string of letters or numbers. Actually name them properly, as this will increase your chances of having them rank in Google’s image search.”

Now, when I upload an image to a CMS post named “Hand-holding-a-biodegradable-bowl.jpg” I notice that (I think due to compression algorithm) the image gets renamed “5f8d48d034c9a04f26ca986b_hand-holding-a-biodegradable-bowl-1.jpg”

According to the above article, this is not an ideal naming for SEO, is this the case?
Any elucidation would be much appreciated.


Hi @Mattia_Be, welcome, If I remember right, ranking images is based on alt that mean than ranking is based on how you care about people with vision impairment. As text Readers read text from alt. That’s why you should always use alt with proper image description. This is very simple explanation, but out there is many good sources to get detail informations.

some random sources to start with:

Thanks, @Stan yes, alt is also a crucial factor for ranking. Definitely higher in hierarchy.

However, I need the most performant website for this client and don’t want to leave anything to chances and in the article above (and others on the web) they mention the name you save the images is a factor affecting ranking. Not sure how important though.