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CMS - Embed links & Maps

Hi everyone,

Need some help with CMS,

I am after having a separate embed link on each of my CMS pages but cant see this as an option. If this is like the many features that webflow has not made available yet can you advise a work around?

Also the same with the map on each CMS page.

Thank you!!

Yes, map component is also not CMS-ready yet.

So why are you trying to get people to use CMS if it only has basic features.
It’s so frustrating how much customers are limited here.

Is there any work arounds for any of these?

Take a look at this, might help you

I’ve used storepoint before for a store locator but it now also supports cms dynamic embed maps.

Hey @Grant1,

This should help you


thanks for the info @nwdsha free%20robux%20generator

You’re welcome! Let us know if it helps you.