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CMS collection won't show on website but in Editor it works


I am having a problem with my CMS collection.
read-only link:

When I am on the website I dont see my collections (image)

When I go to the editor, I see my collections

I dont know why It wont show on the website, can someone help me?

This is a screenshot from my webflow designer:

Thank you!

Can someone help me? I have no idea what to do

Can you share a preview link of your project. Right now we only see the live site.

Thank you for helping

this is my read only link:

Hey! So I took a quick look and it looks like the interaction you have set on “Section 2” is canceling out the interaction from “Section-RC-internaat-beide”. Try removing the interaction on Section 2 and let me know if it gives you what you’re hoping to achieve.

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Thank you!

That was the problem! It was so easy to remove :smiley:

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