CMS collection with iframe Embed Problem

So I have a p5.js interactive program, and I want to embed it in my portfolio website. So I figured I can create an “iframe link section” in my cms collection, like this:

Screenshot 2022-05-30 023719

In my project template page, I have this embed code:

The problem is this: i currently only have one interactive program, which is in my latest project. That means all my other projects do not have an interaction embed.

So before I added this iframe section, my project page is normal:

But after adding the iframe section and publishing the site, while in designer and preview mode everything shows, and the embeded program shows perfectly:

all the other contents, such as images and videos in all of my project pages just disappear from the published page:

So how can I solve this issue while still having the iframe section working?

Thank you very much!

Here is my site Read-Only:

If you don’t close a tag that you open in custom code, Webflow won’t auto-close it and the render of the page most likely stops there. When you have content not painting after a certain point, and that point has custom code, you can be sure you miss a closing tag.


You’re missing the </iframe> closing tag

This is such a silly mistake and I didnt notice it! Now it works perfectly. Thank you very much!

We’ve all been there, and we will again :joy:

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