CMS Collection not accepting smaller images

I have an API pushing items with images to CMS Collection. I noticed that it only import/allowed bigger images and not accepting smaller images like 800px width. But it allowed 6000px images.

Adding items via Third party API.

Any ideas on why?

Check your CMS collection, if you have minimum size constraints on your image field, it would likely be respected by the API as well.

No minimum size is set. It is Multi image field. I also noticed that Webflow is converting JPG images to JPEG. It doesn’t make sense that it is allowing high res images but not low res.

Yeah sounds like you may be seeing an API bug then. Will be interesting to see what support reports responds, have you messaged them yet?

Do you mean renaming in the S3 bucket? That makes sense to me, I’d want to canonicalize file extensions as well on all assets, just to keep the rest of the code clean. That’s not a change to the file, or to the contents though ( no conversion )- just a naming convention.

Agree, excepting constrained fields, I wouldn’t expect that.

Just want to check something- try taking one of the images it’s rejecting, try testing it a few ways;

  • Try uploading that image directly through assets, see if you get an error, it might be a clearer error.
  • If that test fails, try renaming the image to something very simple, like image.jpg, and try uploading that.
  • Also, if you can, try uploading image.jpg ( one of your rejected images, renamed )

Reason being-

  • Webflow is very picky on names. They must be < 100 chars, and cannot contain certain special chars. Seems possible that the rejection is happening for a naming problem, and that the error message is just being wonky.
  • You mentioned a “third party api”, not sure what that means, but if you have a different system converting those images, it’s possible the JPEG headers are non-standard or invalid, and that Webflow’s assets ingress algo is choking on them.