CMS Collection list inside a column

Hi, i put a CMS collection list with a 4 columns setup inside a column:

The column layout look like this:

While the collection list layout:

I would like to have 4 items per row but i just can’t make it happen.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Ciao! I would recommend just using div blocks instead of columns, problem with showing 3 instead of 4 is the cause of the space, if you set small width you will see that it fits 4 cards

Ciao Sebastian, thank you for the answer.

By that do you mean insert every collection items inside a div block?

because i still need to have this layout on the page with the sidebar on the left:

Your problem is about responsiveness, about switch columns to div blocks is about just using div’s for everything, div’s inside div’s, try to use rems instead of PX. if you still have questions let me know!

Hi Sebastian, thank you so much for your patience.

i Just can’t understand how to replicate the columns layout with the div’s element…