CMS Collction Page Grid Troubles

I am having an issue with a CMS template and my grid design. In the designer the images are in the correct positions but on the published website it resets the grid properties.

Design View:

Published View:

I have tried setting areas, removing the areas and just dragging the images over the grid columns and rows, setting them to manual, wrapping them in a div, and even making them a background image instead of a div block The thing is, it will work for maybe a day when I manage to somehow fix it and then I will go back and check and it will be wrong again. Any insight on this is appreciated! Thank you!

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CMS Collect Page - Projects Cs Template. (Any of them do it though)

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This is a common problem with images placed into grids. Give the image a class, and set the width to 100%.

That will do this.

so that was actually the first thing I tried and while it did technically work it ended up lowering the quality of the image for some reason. Not a huge issue since they will open in a light box anyways but it hurts the overall look of the site.

Responsive generation works better when images are placed in a div.

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