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CMS - Change background image based on collection term

  1. Say I wanted to build a list of events for a library like this:

and if there’s repeated type of event category such as “children’s storytime” is it possible to have a default image of children as the background image if no custom image is uploaded?

  1. Also, I’d like to have different colors based on category like this calendar listing:

  2. Lastly, to navigate through the workshops as in example 2, is using Tabs the best way to achieve sorting by category, like Children’s Programs, Adult Programs, Special Events, Author Series

Thanks! Susan

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Hello @susanmacphee

  1. You can set a Div block that contains the dynamic image and make a conditional visibility rule for it that when is set the div sits over your div containing the default children image.

  1. you can set a field on your category collection with the specific color for that one and use it wherever you want on your dynamic item

  1. the navigation that you mentioned doesn’t use tabs for displaying results but a plugin called isotope, you can find more information here: [TUTORIAL] Using Isotope and MixItUp plugins with Webflow

Hope this helps in some way, let me know.

Thank you very much! Very helpful.

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