CMS broken - detail view opens same URL no matter where you click

I need urgent help if anyone is able to please.

Something has fundamentally broken in the CMS, which is causing the detail page for ALL ARTICLES to open the same URL link.

This is affecting all users, which means that none of us can edit in detail mode. A video explaining the issue is here:

I have no idea where this link is being stored - it is clearly somewhere behind the scenes in the CMS. This is not browser-related that I can see, given it is affecting multiple users in multiple browsers. It looks like it’s the CMS itself which is broken.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Live Link -

Also worth noting - this is only affecting this one particular collection (Articles). I tried the Authors collection and it lets me edit in detail view without issue.

I have also just tried deleting this article (and any similar ones with the same content I created this morning) to see if that fixed it. It didn’t.

Hey @RobJDR,

This is really strange, I’ve done some tests and looks like its a bug.

Seems to be attached to the rich-text element, but I can’t target it.

I was able to get a work around by removing just the rich text element and adding a new one.

Could you try this?

Thanks for the quick response - apologies, but I’m still getting to grips with using the back end of Webflow!

Where can I add and remove this rich text element in the designer?

No probs!

This should help if you follow my steps.

Perfect thanks - I will wait for the support team to let me know if they want to take a look before I do this (if it’s a bug, it makes sense to let them get the details and fix it for others). Cheers!

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