CMS blog page like Ahrefs Blog

I want to create a webflow cms blog page like this.Dont have any idea how to make it can anyone help with that its urgent.

Nothing complex here but there are several pieces to the UX.

  • Blog CMS content itself ( CMS )
  • Left side sticky navigation ToC ( FS ToC is good here )
  • Right-side sticky elements
  • Top scrolling progress indicator ( JS, or interactions )

You can build it yourself but it will take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with each of the UX pieces.

If you need help building it, spend some time designing the underlying page / template ( if you want ), and create some sample blog content in your site with headings, then drop me a message, I can make some time available for a small job next week.

Thanks memetican. Actually page is ready. Now I want top scrolling progress indicator js/Interaction how can I do it by myself…

Research it. You’ll find tools, libraries, and probably Webflow interaction approaches that can work.
Same as any developer would do- find some options, prototype them, see what works best for your use case.