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CMS API Patch Item seems to work but is not updated in database

I’m trying to update (patch) a CMS item like this:

const httpOptions = {
  headers: new HttpHeaders({
    'accept-version': '1.0.0',
    'Authorization': `Bearer ${this.apiKey}`
var body = {
  'fields': { 'name': 'TEST'}

return this.http.patch(`${this.collectionid}/items/${this.itemid}`, body, httpOptions);

When I look at the console log it seems like the name change worked correctly:
_archived: false
_draft: false
geburtstag: “2020-12-27T00:00:00.000Z”
intro-video: {url: “”, metadata: {…}}
bio: “Ipsa enim laudantium sit aut sed est assumenda est porro. Eos itaque sunt. Magnam ut placeat odit vel rerum ducimus alias vero repudiandae. Qui quisquam voluptas suscipit reiciendis quia illum. Similiq”
name: "TEST"
preis-in-eur: “Magnam veritatis voluptatibus velit suscipit quos. Distinctio est tempore tempore perferendis sed quod a”
slug: “atque-voluptas-consequatur”
profilbild: {fileId: “5e4bcc943a237e4928c8c666”, url: “…e4bcc943a237e4928c8c666_1582025876712-image14.jpg”, alt: null}

Also when I log the object (just viewing it), it seems like “Name” was successfully updated!

When I look into my Webflow account though nothing has changed :confused:

It’d be great if you could help me solve this problem…


Postman shows me the updated name as well, so it seems like this worked.
Just wondering why my Webflow CMS isn’t showing it??

Got, it was the ?live=true option that was missing :wink:

Thanks though