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Closing a Pop up window by clicking outside of it (does not work)

Hi, i find thise topic but it does not working for me.

Just look on my test saite: I try to close poup up window by cliking the outside, but it close my form when i’ll clik on some form area. Parent element (modal-wrapper) haz z-index -5, child element (form wrapper) haz z-index 10. But form wrapper still catching close up clicking and close.

Whait is wrong? Thanks!

So, i’ll find desigions by myself, It was beacos form wrapper was a child for background-wrapper, so i’ve unparent it and it start working. And add some interactions for it.

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Good workaround.

The approach in the topic you linked to was missing the step of creating a separate area (div block) outside the modal that’s a child of the modal wrapper. You’d define the close interaction on that new div block and give it a z-index less than the modal.

The full steps are at Creating a custom modal. See 16:22 for this close interaction in particular.