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Close lightbox at the end of videos


So I have a lightbox with a vimeo and was wondering if it was possible either through custom code or (ideally) native to close a lightbox when the video ends… @cyberdave it would be great to hear your thoughts on this.

If it is not possible I will add it to the wishlist woo :slight_smile:



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Something like this would need be done with custom code. Something like when the Vimeo player notices that the video is finished, it’ll fire an event those could close a webflow modal.

Here is the JS API for Vimeo, maybe this will lead you in the right direction:

good luck and have fun :smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek I had taken a look at that, do you know what trigger would close the mobile in webflow? I could export a lightbox site and trawl through the js but would probably miss it, if you happen to know let me know. :smile:


A quick hack is to just trigger the event assigned to the close icon:


For more details, you’ll need to beautify the source code (@danro mentioned in another thread that it was not minified aside from third-party libs, but I must be blind!), and then look for the function createLightbox().

To trigger that after your video is done, you’d listen for the finish event via the Vimeo API:

document.getElementById('vimeo_player').api_addEventListener('finish', function(event) { $('.w-lightbox-control.w-lightbox-close').trigger('tap'); });



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Thanks @cyberdave @dkenzik, I will play around with the options on this!


Has anyone had any luck implementing how to close a lightbox after a video has ended?

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