[Cloneable] Converting Checkboxes to Toggle with Bootstrap Toggle

Hey all,

Found myself needing to convert some checkboxes to toggles the other day for a side project, and while I could definitely have used IX 2.0 (wonderful cloneable by @SidneyOttelohe for anyone looking) or Lottie, I stumbled across Bootstrap Toggle — a third-party library that converts checkboxes to toggles automatically by just adding a specific attribute to a checkbox element.

Bootstrap Toggle typically is intended to work with Bootstrap Styles and Colors, and while we have a heavily reduced CSS stylesheet that you can use if you so desire (refer to tutorial for CDN URL), we created a style guide that you can copy into your project so you can alter the styles visually! The only other code snippets you’ll need are in the Custom Code section of the Home page.

Hope this helps!

Cloneable Project:

Full Tutorial: