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Click/trigger interaction for video pop-up not working correctly


For some reason a click/trigger interaction for launching a YouTube video modal seems to not be working as intended.

The intended interaction here is that a user is supposed to click on the play button and then a youtube video is supposed to launch a modal/popup where the user can then view the video. This has been set up to be adaptive for any size view port.

What is actually happening is that the video modal overlay pops up with a close button in the upper right on the screen, but the actual video player element does not display. If I click on the close button and close the overlay and then click back on the play button, the video shows up as intended and everything works. Kind of strange that this does not function correctly the first time.

Has anyone else run into some similar??

Please check out the read-only link to my project below to see what’s going on underneath.

Thanks for all your help!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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