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Click on link doesn't work (custom cursor)

Hi! I am building a website and can’t figure out the cursor to save my life. It clicks accurately on some links and others, it twitches and won’t click on the link in most cases or it takes some playing around with to hit the “magic spot” and then it will work. New to this so any help would be super appreciated! Thanks!

Here is my public share link.

hi @Ciaram and welcome to forum. The problem is with your hover animation attached to Circle Button When this hover animation is removed links start working as expected. So this part need revision.

Hi @Stan! Thanks for taking a look at it. I think I removed it but still having issues, primarily on the menu page when trying to click on different pages. :confused: Any thoughts? I can do a screen recording if that would be helpful too!

Hi @Ciaram I had a second look on your project and IMO the problem is with your growing circle cursor. What I mean is when your circle grow it will sits between link and main cursor and will block standard cursor to be able trigger links.

You can try add to your SITE setting (inside <head>) add simple code that will be applied on any page you have or will create in future. This code allow main cursor click through your circle cursor.

   pointer-events: none;