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Hello, I’m trying to click on div which contains data-ix that makes it a video, I tried to use " trigger(‘click’) " It worked perfectly in PC but it’s not working in mobile phones I tried to use $(".class").click(); same problem it worked for PC but not worked for mobile phones, So how can I access the button and make it do his data-ix from another place in mobile phones, Thanks.

Try .trigger('tap').

Does not work :frowning: Have you understood what I was trying to do ? I think it’s a problem from you ix - slug And It can be salved by submit data-ix into you webflow.js page, I’ve tried .trigger(‘tap’) but it does not work, It have not changed anything in computer atleast trigger click could do action in computer but could not do it in phone I think we need another thing. and for your ideas, I’ve seen and understood your javascript code and figured out that all slug -> trigger -> type:click does not work for phone please give me an solution.

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Let me give you an example:


In webflow.js:
{"slug":"test","name":"test","value":{"style":{},"triggers":[{"type":"click","selector":".body-section","stepsA":[{"opacity":0,"transition":"opacity 500ms ease 0ms"},{"display":"none"}],"stepsB":[]}]}}

So when I use ( $("#testc").click(); OR $("#testc").trigger("click"); OR $('[data-ix="test"]').click(); ) => body-section will hide when using the page in computer but when I use the page in mobile phone it won’t hide, when I tried to do like what Mr. Samliew said " .trigger('tap') " It had not worked in computer or in phones. Any Idea how to fix please answer as fast as possible :frowning:.

Please provide your share link and published link when reporting a bug.

@samliew Your really asking things that are not associated with my question I’am asking for something that is out of design.

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