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Click Interaction on Rich Text: Is it possible?

I was wondering if anyone knows about a workaround so that the links I place in my Rich Text elements will:

  1. Not redirect you to another URL, but instead:
  2. Trigger an action from the “interactions” panel.

To be more specific, there’s many buttons spread throughout my website that show/hide a Contact Pop-Up form, and now I’d like to change some links’ (nested inside a rich text element) behavior so that they’ll have the same behavior the regular buttons with interactions have…

So, in short: is there any workaround for a link nested inside a Rich Text element to trigger an interaction?

Or maybe link it to a “hidden” element of the website that will trigger the interaction… or some other workaround? Hmmm I’d appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:


Oh damn, I gotta post at least 20 characters…

you don’t need links, just take a class and assign an interaction to it.
also assign a “initial appearance: hidden” interaction to the class you want to show on click.

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