Classes and Backgrounds

Hey fellow Webflow friends, I am still a bit of a newbie but am committed to learning, so I’ve been doing lots of crash courses. but I’m still having some difficulties and so I have a few questions. One, when trying to adjust the color of my navbar it seems to have margins on the side for some reason even though it wasn’t like that before I adjusted the color, why is that? I’ll attach a pic.
And for my second question, I’m trying to learn how when I change something on one section, like a font or color, how I can use classes to make everything else I want like that class to? Sorry I’ve done the crash courses but still having some difficulty. I basically bought a template and just want to add content and change the color/font etc. Thank you all in advance. Blessings

Classes are a component to CSS that allow for specific elements to inherit the same styling by assigning a string (aka a class) to that object. In Webflow, this is done on the right-side panel and can be referenced via keyboard-shortcut by pressing CTRL + ENTER (CMD + ENTER on Mac).

Additionally, you can use Global tags to assign styling traits to hierarchical elements such as headings, links, and paragraph texts. To access the global tags, make sure your element is unassigned and click on the classes bar.

As for your other question, it’s difficult to say for certain without having a read-only link or an image for reference. It’s possible that your element is contained inside a parent object that has padding or margins applied to it, so when you change the color of the child element it’s not being applied to the entire container.