Chrome mobile browser resizing

Hello everyone!

Ive came across the % and VH problem of resizing on IOS chrome. Once the browser scrolls down, the url bar shrinks, making the height of the window bigger, and then occurring a resizing of all elements having VH properties. The opposite happens when scrolled up.

This brings alot of stutters and sincerely, is really annoying the perfectionist in me :joy:.

Ive read im pretty sure all posts about the subject and nothing is working flawlessly.
I can also see the same thing happening to your new ecommerce (insanely well made btw) website so i understand its most probably a Chrome thing (also not happening on safari).

Does anyone has an elegant workaround?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi mrv,

I stumpled upon your topic while looking for the same answer. The issue is really annoying.

Little workaroung of mine, which unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem completely:
Fixing the elements on top (instead of “full”) makes them “scroll” upwards together with the chrome-bar.

In my case however, the background image resizes anyways and I don’t want to dismiss my scroll interaction because of this annoying problem.

Hopefully there will be someone with a better solution.

Best regards, Deniz.

Hi @hofling ,
Yeah i’ve tried pretty much everything i could think of without finding a 100% fix, I feel like it’s just question of finding the “less bad” of the possibilities for Full screen landing pages.

Thank you for your insights

Hey again,

working with PX for mobile pretty much solved the issue for me. Annoying and a time consuming workaround but it gets the job done :slight_smile:

have a nice day,

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