Chrome Animation Lag / Stutter

I’m experimenting and testing what’s possible with Lottie animations built in after effects and the animations that are already existing within Webflow. I’ve created a loading animation for a page and it works really well on the staging site when I’m viewing it through Safari on Mac OS. However when the site is viewed through Chrome (again on OS X) the animation becomes stuttered and shows a lot of lag when loading.

Does anyone know what could be causing this Chrome specific issue?

Here’s a link to the staging site:

NOTE - this is the second page in the site - you can click the ‘our work’ button on both pages to switch back and forth.

Here is my site Read-Only:

UPDATE: Now on the home page I’ve added a bg box animation to test scrolling animations and this works very smooth on Chrome but very badly on Safari. Any idea why each browser handles each issue differently? Is this something inherent with the browsers that I need to be aware of, or is this just a bug?