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CHECKOUT: Credit Card Fields Aren't Working

People can’t input their credit card info. I cant figure out what’s going on. AHHH!

The input fields are there but you cant type into them.

I can’t seem to update or delete or replace the Payment Info fields (Card Number, Experation Date, Security Code). They’re just broke, and are coded into the ecomm experience as required…which makes sense…expect for the fact they’re broken for me. Is this something that needs to be fixed on Webflow’s end?

Anyone from Webflow out there?!?!?!

I suggest you open a trouble ticket now.

Thanks for the reply webdev. I did that a couple hours ago, finally heard back from the team. They’re not sure what’s going on. They have the team looking into it. Fingers crossed.

Hi @kiddfirm

Really appreciate you bring this to our attention.

I did some testing of your site, you discovered a bug.
The class From Field has the display setting flex. This is causing a layout problem with how those fields are implement which then caused the field to look inactive.

The quick fix, is to remove the flex setting from that class.

I’ll be bringing this up with the team, to see what we can do for a longer term fix.

Ahhhh, my obsession with Flex finally came back around to bite me in the butt. @AlexN thank you so much to you and the team for finding a resolution to this…on a Saturday morning no less. Rock on!

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This is an issue for me as well: the credit card fields aren’t working at all.

At this point, Webflow doesn’t allow for flex positioning on these fields, so that’s not the issue. Can anyone help?