Changing the email address in the link settings for a link removes the custom attribute "target=_blank"

So i’ve set an email link in the settings panel i.e. and i’ve given it a custom attribute of target="_blank" to make the link open in a new tab. It works perfectly.

However, if I change the email address in the settings panel but leave the custom attribute as it was, i.e. target="_blank" and then republish the site - the link no longer opens in a new tab.

When I check the newly published html, the link no longer has the target="_blank" attribute even though it still shows up in the settings panel.

So it seems webflow deletes this attribute for some reason when the email address in the settings panel is changed.

The fix is to delete the attribute and reset it again when one changes the email address.

Hope this makes sense

As an aside - there should be a “open in new tab” tick box for the email link option. I’ve already added this to the wishlist here -

Thanks for your time

Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton

Thanks for making a Wishlist Idea on that. :slight_smile:

Typically email links, by default, open the email program on the device rather than opening a new tab.

Can you post some screenshots or GIFs showing the issue? :slight_smile:

I’m standing by for your reply.

Yes - but so many people now use gmail as their default email service now that when an email link is clicked it goes straight to a Gmail compose tab and the user is gone from your website.

Here’s a an which captures both the lack of an “open in new tab” link for email links and also the link attribute being lost when the email address is changed.

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