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Changing the default color of links

LOVE the massive - yet easy to grasp - tools to design with.

Only thing I cannot “find” is where to switch the default color that shows up on a link when I’m already on that page… (see reference attached, where HOME is blue… grrrr)

thanks for any help.

Open the designer, and when you’re editing the “home” page, click on the home link in the navbar.

It should have the “Current” style applied to it. This defines any style changes to be applied to the nav link which is the current page. So if you want it to be the same color no matter what page you are on, just change the current nav link to the same style as the rest.

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@Stian_Bakken -
That did it. Thank you big time!
This was not the most obvious of settings.
Appreciate the help.


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