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Changing Scrollbar Color On Div

Hi all! I have a site that requires an in page scroll window, which I’m able to achieve with Overflow=Scroll option, but the issue is the scrollbar is invisible.

I’ve added in custom code that changes scrollbars to grey, but this unfortunately effects the page scroll as well on the right hand side. Is anyone aware of a way that I could incorporate a scrollbar on this little inner window?



You should be able to do this with custom code in an embed. See ->

Thanks for this! I have been able to use code for the page, but I’m not seeing a way to specify that code to a certain div or element, only to apply it to the page itself.

Any tips on how to do that?

Did you look at the example? In the one provided a div with a class of .scroller is being targeted.

.scroller {
  width: 300px;
  height: 100px;
  overflow-y: scroll;
  scrollbar-color: rebeccapurple green;

Sorry custom code is very foreign to me haha So if I set .scroller to whatever my div is named, it should be able to set the scrollbar for that div only?

Yes, that is the correct approach. Update: Unfortunately this only is supported in Firefox atm.

Here is a better resource with some workarounds.