Changing row settings responsive in Dynamic List

On the Elected Officials page, I have a Dynamic List that has rows of three. When I go down to tablet size, I want to change that to just 2 per row… it seemed like that was not an option…

I am trying to get the info cards to not overlap. If anyone knows of a better way to achieve this, that would be appreciated!


Hi there @ilikewebdesign - we’re still working on enabling different settings for different breakpoints for dynamic lists. In the mean time, you can go to the Style Tab, give that outer “Dynamic Item” element a class, and change the width to something like “50%” to stack two columns next to each other. You can then do the same thing manually for each lower breakpoint to make the layout work:


u guys are amazing!!! Thanks so much! the video really helps.

I should be able to replicate the steps, but i’ll let u know if i have any problems.