Changing background video size

Hey guys,
would really appreciate some help.

I want to upload a video without sound, on loop and autoplay, but I want it scale down (hopefully responsively) so it would show fully on most screens.
everything I tried just end up cropping the video instead of make it smaller. I used custom html I copied from this forum which helped but the video only shows in Webflow preview and not the real web.

please help?

Read-only link:

I hope it’s Ok to post another issue or should i open a new thread?

I can’t seem to use the alternative “a” of the font i use. I know I need a custom html code but couldn’t figured it out. (it’s the “ss01” Stylistic Sets of this font open type feature)

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Hi @tomer - Welcome to the forums.

Can you please share a read-only link to your project so we can take a look in the designer? That would help.

I suggest opening a new topic. You are more likely to get help and if this topic is solved the other might not be looked at.

Here is the link:

Amazon S3 is throwing a 403 Error(Forbidden) on the source file. You probably need to add * to your permissions. Looks like * was working in the designer.

Thank you for the quick response,
can you please elaborate on how to do that exactly?
where do I add the permissions?

In AWS Console. I can’t see your permissions.

Is there a reason you are not using the background video element in webflow?

I tried but couldn’t get to make scale it smaller then full screen.
every change I made to the size just cropped the video.

the AWS link I got IS from Webflow background video element.

I should have noticed the bucket name. You won’t be able to use that that in a custom embed that way.

Add the background video to the section and set the height for each breakpoint. Once you delete the element, the asset can’t be reused.

Get stuck and we can jump into the project to help you resolve the issue.

using webflow native background video element was the first thing I did. (I updated my site again now so you can check)

I don’t want the video to crop… how can i make it smaller without cropping the video?

Effectively you are treating the background video as a responsive auto playing video while keeping the ratio (16x9). So we want to follow that technique.

Video removed by request

Thank you for the video replay (:

However I think I follow through correctly, and the video still get cropped around the edges. (on every resolution, even desktop)
the video does get smaller on mobile but with cropped borders.

what am I doing wrong?

I don’t see any cropping on your desktop or tablet. On your BG Video 2 class, both mobile have a height set. If you want to maintain ratio, those need to go.

Any help on that?
the video won’t work at all on mobile…

is there any other way to get a looping, autoplaying video without an interface?

Ok, I’ve replaced the video with a gif… seems to work fine.

thank you…

Hey guys, when I search “tomer44” (my website name) on google images I found the screenshots I uploaded to this post showing the bug. I removed my post but the images from this forum still shows on google images, and linked to this post.

Can you please remove this thread completely or at least the images?