Change tab via Javascript?

TLDR: Is there a way to change a tab component to a different tab via Javascript?

I have a page with a tab component and i am doing some javascript domain listening to get “argument” from the url

The listening via javascript works perfect. But now I want to change the tab component to the specific Tab with the “information”.

Is this possible?



@Pascal_Muller you can use a click function on load. Can you share a read-only link or paste the code you have now?

You can take a look at the page here:

The Variabel should trigger the tab “btn-BURAK”.

I also tried “trigger(“click”)” and triggerHandler(“click”) but it doesn’t work at all :frowning:

  var query =^\?/, "");
if (query.includes('BURAK')) {changeTo('BURAK',orange);$('#btn-BURAK').trigger("click")}

changeTo() is a function with wich i do some colour manipulation.

Hi @Pascal_Muller, I’ve tried to isolate the click code but it doesn’t seem to work either. Bumping, perhaps someone else can help with this :slight_smile: