Change stroke of SVG

Hey everyone! Not sure if this is the right channel, but I’m looking to understand how to change the stroke thickness of an SVG within Webflow. I’ve uploaded an SVG and tried adjusting the stroke, but it only affects the container:

I’ve also tried embedding an SVG, but I’m not sure what code to use to have it inherit stroke. I tried currentColor but no dice:

W3C says you can adjust stroke color so it feels like it should be possible. It’s the little arrow on the bottom right footer (next to “Beam me up, Scotty”):


You are styling borders, that is totally something else. SVG elements cannot be styled the same way like other HTML elements.

If you want to increase the thickness, increase the number in stroke-width

In other words, open up the SVG code and change the number?

Yes, on the SVG code edit the number for stroke-width

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