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Change Contact form size

I am having trouble changing the width of the contact form size. Anyone know how? I do not want it to stretch across the whole page. Looks strange on big monitors.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Damon's Portfolio
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You could control the width of your form block with the max-width property for example. Learn about sizing elements here. Size | Webflow University

Hey Jeff,
tried but when I do it just shifts everything to left, how would I keep it centered to the page?

Webflow provides visual tool that lets you manipulate CSS. As such it is a complicated tool. There is ample documentation in the University on how to do things. Starting with a search is usually effective. I searched for “center” to find instruction for you so I don’t have to repeat myself endlessly.

You can also use margin left/right set to auto when an element has a fixed width.