Change color for closing icon and sliders for lightbox

Hello everyone,
I just wanna ask if it’s any option to customize bit a styling of lightbox. Specially closing cross icon (change color or even change icon with your own) and sliders as well.
Thanks in advance

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Hi, I made this page for you:

Hello Vincent! Thank you so much, it’s working. I just wanna ask about picture. I remove small thumbnails under main picture with code

.w-lightbox-strip { display: none; } As well I use together with this another code - this one to keep picture full height @media (min-width: 0px) { .w-lightbox-group { height: 100vh; } } But second part is not working ,coz I still have that space gap for thumbnails and picture not aling on center. Do you know how to fix that one? Thanks a lot in advance