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Change child styles on hover of parent

Hi all,

I was wondering whether it’s possible to change a child elements styling when I hover over its parent using Webflow’s tools.

Here is my live development site -

In my example I want the text colour to change to white when I have over the container div.

Nope. Only with interactions.

Do you know whether there is a tutorial for this method?

For using interactions? Here is a section in webflow tutorials.

Hi Jordan & dram,

I’ve just run into this problem also - Been trying to get my head around using interactions to achieve this, and can’t quite get there yet! I’ve been trying to set my parent element div wrapper as a trigger tp then effect text color of children on mouse hover, but can’t seem to get it to work…How did you end up Jordan? did you figure it out via interactions as per drams advice? I would really appreciate any help you can pass on,



Can anyone pass this on? It does seem odd it has to be accomplished only through interactions.

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