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Change background images on Uncommon template


First day of using Webflow and I cannot work out how to change the background images on the homepage of the Uncommon template.

Could someone please point me in the right direction as I cannot find anything so far in the forum.


ok well if u see the comunty button u can watch viedos

I have watched the videos and I can add new background images in new section etc. It is just selecting the current ones that exist so that they can be replaced with new images.

It is the mock ups of the laptop and iphone on the template.

If you share your read-only link, it would enable us (the community) to take a look at the project and provide an example on how to do it.

You can also head over to the University and follow along with this instructional page.

Welcome to the community!

I worked it out. The background image was being overidden by the dynamic style settings.
Get BG image from Projects was enabled.