Centering images

Hi i need some help centering images

After some size the pages stop centering and are left aligned. Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

Screen shot here…

Here is my public share link:

Cheers Paul

Paul what’s the page? Your site has so many, last time I finally found it but this time can you tell me ? :wink:

Nothing in your design has a dimension except the image. The container width is set to Auto.

So the rule here is the image tries to display at its size wich is 1284px wide. If the window is too small, it shrinks, but when it reaches its size, it stops.

The centering is only an illusion of centering, because of the margins.

It doesn’t center when the image stops expanding:

Select your popup and click on that button to center it:

Thats great. is there a way to keep a little bit of padding so the gold still shows at the side say 20 pixels?

You can keep all the padding you want.

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